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Take your time. I know, the weather is good and you want to go outside with your friends. However, this will not bring you good grades, so you need to push yourself to finish the important stuff first. Don’t make appointments and don’t buy tickets for a movie if you know that you will have to work on your homework today. Reserve a few hours for this task alone, and make sure that your family and friends will not distract you. It’s always a good idea to turn off your mobile phone and to use the computer only if you need to make research.

Pick controversial topics. You are tempted to discuss about the same old topics, but you know that this won’t satisfy your professor completely. In order to bring attention for your composition, you have to write about controversial topics that will interest your colleagues. You can get the from the newspaper, from magazines or just from watching the news. Either way, make sure that you know everything about a particular subject before you hand in your assignment.

Use the right sources. Don’t write something in your composition only because it sounds interesting in funny. You have to make sure that your sources are trustworthy, and that you will not destroy everything by writing about fake or incorrect facts. If you are not sure that you should mention a certain thing, you can leave it for the end of your text and tell your professor that you don’t know what to think about it. For sure he will clarify everything for you.

Don’t copy from someone else. This is the worst thing that you can do, and once your teacher will catch you he will never trust you again. You might have some smart colleagues in the class who always write interesting texts, and of course you are tempted to borrow some of their talent. If you want to get inspired or to ask for some help, that’s completely fine. Just make sure that you don’t have similar paragraphs, otherwise your professor will think that you are not trustworthy.

Pay attention to the structure. The content of your composition is important, but the structure and the appearance is as valuable. The first thing that your professor will see is how your composition looks, and if you want to impress him you have to present an impeccable paper. This means that you must use the right font and the right spacing, and according to the type of the composition you have to follow the basic requirements.

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Don’t be an overachiever. Sometimes it’s good to write more than you have to, but it’s easy to forget what is your limit. If your teacher asked you to write a 2-pages paper and you write 2 and a half, that’s fine. However, if he asked you to write 2 and you write 7 pages he might think that you are trying too hard to impress him. Besides, he needs to be impartial with you and your colleagues, so he can’t give you a bigger grade.