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These health webquests will help teachers to select and assign safe Internet and project-based learning activities that improve or increase health knowledge, skills and attitudes for their students.

These webquests and their related web sites have been reviewed or prepared so that they reflect generally accepted health education guidelines and research. They have been screened or prepared from reputable sources to meet high standards for educational design, avoid commercialism and to follow research-based evidence as to what should be learned by students in health education classes.

However, teachers should check their curriculum to ensure that the webquest meets their respective outcomes. Further, it is the professional responsibility of teachers to determine if a specific webquest is appropriate for their students. It may also be appropriate for teachers to require parental consent before assigning specific webquests to their students.

Consequently, we expect  that teachers will review each web site and review each learning activity within each  webquest before assigning it to their students. Teachers should feel free to download, revise and adapt a webquest if a particular activity or web site is considered to be inappropriate for their students. You are hereby given permission to do so. (Please let us know if you do that, so we can review the quest ourselves.)

The Canadian Association for School Health, the sponsors of individual  webquests, Health Canada and the Canadian Health Network hereby indicate that they do not necessarily agree with the content, nor approach of the webquests or web sites listed here. They are presented as a tool for consideration by teachers, school boards and education authorities. Further, readers should note that individual web sites can be changed or taken over by publishers other than the original authors. The publishers of this webquest web site will try to ensure that all links and selected sites remain appropriate, but teachers are also encouraged to exercise due diligence. 

Those cautions being stated, we are pleased to offer you a variety of webquests that will provide meaningful opportunities for students to learn about health and to participate in Internet-based and other activities that will promote their health, development and well-being.

We also recommend that you ask students to use a Personal Health Journal as part of their Web Quest experience and for overall use in health education.  We have prepared a short summary on journaling in health education for your convenience and we have provided an online, down-loadable Personal Health Journal for your students.


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